A COVID-19 Clinical Trials Network for British Columbia:

As the clinical trial community in British Columbia mobilized in anticipation of COVID-19 trials, members expressed a strong need for a network to enable increased communications and learning to support their coordinated approach. Clinical Trials BC responded by hosting monthly meetings since the onset of the pandemic in March 2020, attended by an average of 70 attendees from across the province. Additionally, we have engaged our growing informal network of over 120 members through a variety of communications channels including by email, Slack and Twitter.


Monthly Meetings:

Virtual one-hour Zoom meetings are held in a consistent meeting format that includes a rapid round-table to hear from trial investigators on their current study status. This is followed by speakers on current opportunities and challenges related to trial start-up and conduct, and ending with presentations on available supports and resources for clinical researchers and their teams.

One of our participants provided the following feedback after the conclusion of a recent meeting:

“Excellent opportunity to connect with other sites to discuss obstacles, opportunities, and navigate this pandemic as a cohesive team rather than in silos.”

Another attendee stated that the meeting:

“…Provided a sense of ‘who was doing what’ [and] gave some insight into new processes.”


Join the Network:

Anyone conducting or supporting COVID-19 clinical trials in BC is welcome to attend. To join this informal network and receive meeting invites and communications, please sign up for our mailing list.

If you have content or updates you would like to share with the network or would like to speak at a future meeting, please contact Alison Orth.

Previous meeting agendas can be found here. If you wish to receive more information such as PowerPoint presentations from these meetings, please contact Alison Orth.


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