Clinical Trials BC (as a continuation of the BCCRIN program) has supported more than 55 Clinical Research Professionals to achieve certification.

Professional certification demonstrates that research team members have met or exceeded the quality standards required in the industry, validated their competence, demonstrated a level of professionalism and indicated a commitment to quality standards.

For 2019, Clinical Trials BC offered a series of four study examination preparation sessions and partial reimbursement in the amount of $350 towards exam fees for applicants who work for academic health research organizations.

The first round of study sessions were completed with 23 attendees in person or by online conferencing (resources are available online until December 2019).

We’d like to congratulate the following successful applicants who have become newly-certified Clinical Research Professionals so far this year:

     Society of Clinical Research Associates (SOCRA):      Assoc. of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP):
  • Phenicia Azurin
  • Tanya Kadach
  • Kortni Peill
  • Lorenz Yeung
  • Brady Robinson
  • Julie Pauwels
  • Erin Cooke
  • Alicia Murdoch
  • Robyn Tkatch
  • Julie Matheson

Here are a few comments from researchers who were certified in 2019:

  • “Certification is important to me because I have recently started a new job with an increased level of responsibility.”
  • “Thank you again for offering this funding program and accepting my application. I learned a lot of very useful information while studying for this exam, and I wouldn’t have done it if the reimbursement opportunity hadn’t been available.”
  • “Over the last couple of years, I encountered many patients on their cancer journey and each one has had their own unique story to tell. Because of this, I am motivated to ensure that my work is professional and always in the best interest of the patient. By obtaining certification as a Clinical Research Professional, it not only validates the education and skills I have obtained, but it also gives patients the peace of mind and assurance that they are given the best quality care.”

15 spots remain available until December 2019. To sign up, please contact us.

Header Photo: Jean Smart, Quality & Regulatory Affairs Officer (second from left), Alison Orth, Unit Director (second from right) with volunteer Jessica Nelson (third from left) led exam preparation sessions for clinical researchers in spring 2019.